The historical Berlin Story Bunker near Anhalter Station
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Spread out over 6,500 square metres and five floors, visitors can choose from three activities: an exhibition called „Hitler – How Could it Happen?“, the Berlin Story Museum and guided tours through historical rooms inside the bunker. The projects initiated by the non-profit organisation Historiale can be found in the bunker today.

Hitler – How could it happen
90 minutes +
admission: 12 Euro per person
opening hours: daily 10 am – 7 pm
last entrance: 6 pm

The documentation spans three floors of the bunker. How did it happen? Why did so many people vote for Hitler? How did he become a Nazi? How did he come to power? How did antisemitism lead to oncentration camps and the Holocaust? Why did generals and soldiers participate to the very end? The bloodiest war in history ended with Hitler’s suicide. Life-size reconstruction of his quarters in the bunker, a model of the „Führerbunker“, photos, documents, films.

Berlin Story Museum
60 minutes + movie „The Making of Berlin“ 25 minutes
6 Euro per person
opening hours:
daily 10 am – 7 pm 
last entrance:
6 pm

No time to draw breath, we‘re making history“. From swampy beginnings right through to modern-day, attractive Berlin. 30 stations with impressive historical reconstructions, sensational models, mini films and memorable scenes – and all of that with an audioguide in ten languages.


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