1. Appropriate attire is required at all times. Please respect the historical significance of the exhibition by dressing accordingly.
In particular, you may not dress in right wing extremist garb, insignia, emblems, or other extremist dress.

2. Organized visits by political or educational agency must be pre-arranged and confirmed. We reserve the right to refuse admission to visitors in unofficial uniforms.

3. Visitors must behave appropriately. You may not behave in a manner that glorifies the Nazi regime or dismisses their crimes as trivial.
This includes the display of Nazi or extreme right symbols for any party or group.
Violation of this rule may lead to charges filed under Criminal code § 123.

4. Only guided tours by the official bunker personnel are permitted. No self tours or outside agencies are permitted.

5. Staff reserves the right to temporarily close the bunker and exhibit at any time for security or publicity reasons.

6. The admission tickets entitle you to a one-time admission. Tickets are non-transferable. When you leave the bunker, the tickets are not valid for re-admission.

7. The bunker may only be entered through the main entrance. You must leave before closing time.

8. No unauthorized recordings or photography are allowed.

9. Alcohol or drunk persons are not permitted at any time.

10. Tickets are non-refundable. If you are asked to leave the bunker for violation of the above rules, your admission fees will be donated to a charity of our choosing.