Documentation Führerbunker

Housed in an authentic World War Two air-raid shelter, the Führerbunker (Hitlerbunker) exhibition offers an overview of the history of Hitler’s Führerbunker and the end of the Third Reich. The tour takes about 90 minutes. No photography or other recordings allowed. A scale model (1:25) of the 1944-built Führerbunker and a reconstruction of Adolf Hitler’s study inside the bunker are at the heart of the exhibition. Authentic photographs taken inside the bunker, stills from the film „Downfall“, and extensive information about the bunker’s construction, the people who used it, and the final day inside it, help to create a vivid depiction of Hitler’s final hideout. The exhibition shows the end of Hitler’s reign of terror after his return to Berlin on 16 January 1945 until Germany’s unconditional surrender on 8 May 1945.


In May 2017 we will be opening an extensive exhibition called “Hitler – How Could it Happen” This question is at the heart of the exhibition which focuses on the history of National Socialism; how did it come into being and why were Hitler’s followers so loyal right to the end? While the conduct of war and the Holocaust are obviously integral to answering this question, they are not the focal points of the exhibition. The concluding part of the exhibition “Hitler – How Could it Happen” is the Documentation Führerbunker, the downfall.



Between 60 and 70 million people died in mankind’s bloodiest war, a war which started in Berlin and ended in Berlin. The war effectively ended when Hitler committed suicide in his bunker in April 1945. A visit to the exhibition also includes a guided tour through parts of the Berlin Story Bunker which was built in 1942 to shelter 3,500 people during air raids. By the end of the war, up to 12,000 people pushed and squeezed their way inside. This part of the bunker is dedicated to telling the story of life inside the Bunker in 1945. This exhibition, focusing on the history of National Socialism, is a place for learning and remembrance. The Berlin Story Museum and this exhibition were both financed and curated by Historiale e.V., NGO.

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all tours starting with EN are in english language – starting with DE are German. Not all english speaking tourguides are native speakers.

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Please be on time, 10 minutes before tour starts. Steel doors are closed after start.

Please be on time, 10 minutes before tour starts. Steel doors are closed after start.

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