Anhalter Bunker (Bunker Tour A)

The Berlin Story Bunker was built in 1942 and was known as “Anhalter Bunker”. Back then, the 6,500 square metres of space were intended for use by staff and passengers of the nearby Anhalter Station – a safe place where they would be protected from World War Two bombs falling over Berlin. The bunker was later used by the Berlin Senate as a place to store food. Today it is a popular tourist attraction. A guided tour through some of the bunker’s rooms gives an insight into
the building’s history.

  • Bunker, ventilation shafts and bullet holes, gloomy underworlds
  • The Nazi’s bunker-building programme
  • Construction work by forced labourers
  • The planned use of the bunker during the Second World War
  • Actual use of the bunker during the Second World War
  • Evacuation and flooding by the SS
  • The end of the war and the division of Germany
  • Senate Reserve – food for West Berlin bunkers
  • The Fall of the Wall and a new use for the bunker

A tour around the historical areas of the bunker involves climbing stairs. The temperature inside the bunker is 15-18 degrees celsius. We recommend visitors wear sturdy shoes and a sweater. The tour is not recommended for children under the age of 12. Recordings (sound, photographs and videos) are not permitted.

Bunker tour A can be booked for €200 for a maximum of 25 people – an ideal activity for families,
work colleagues or private tour parties. To book your tour, send an email to
[email protected]