Wow – this was excellent!

CalBristol, Weston-super-Mare, United Kingdom
This museum was listed in the Berlin Welcome Card City Guide and it seemed to be an interesting place to visit; well, one word sums it up – extraordinary!

The structure was built as an air-raid shelter for the employees of the railway who were working in the Anhalter Bahnhof, the main railway station in Berlin and a tunnel connected it with the station. The great concrete building looms above you as you enter the yard (it is behind buildings on the Schoneberger Strasse) with only 5 small openings in the sheer concrete wall facing you! Once inside, you begin to get an idea of the claustrophobic conditions; the attendants at the cash desk are very helpful and welcoming, and point you in the right direction to start your tour. I hired an audio guide for the exhibition „Hitler – how could it happen?“ and it filled in a lot of information about the various rooms, some of which were really only of interest to historians. The exhibition contained so much material that it was hard to take it all in although many of the photographs, film and so on, are widely known. There is a scale model of The Fuhrer Bunker which was interesting.
The second exhibition is The Berlin Story, which follows the founding of the city up to the present day and does it extremely well. An audio guide is included in the admission price for this exhibition although I didn’t find it as good as the one for the Hitler exhibition. It obviously dwells on the aftermath of the air raids, etc. and how the population fared under the occupation by the British, Americans and Russians – a harrowing experience.
… It is a fascinating and worthwhile place to visit. There is a very small cafe where you can help yourself to coffee and snacks (for €1 each) and a very good bookshop. BTW, no photography is allowed within the building!

A complete audio and visual guide about the rise of Hitler, Nazi Party and an overview of his bunker and final days. This is a must, we spent 3 hours here it was fascinating.

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One of the best museum/attractions we visited – detailed displays/ narratives of WW2 but all the better because of the amazing setting inside a surviving concrete multi-storey wartime bunker.

If you are interested in the 2nd World War and Berlin history, this is a good place to visit. It is not just a bunker but also a historical museum. Learned a lot about the sad times of the 2nd World War while touring the tourist attraction!