„Unique Clarity — A Huge Credit“

A gentleman came on the first day of Christmas before eleven o’clock and left after 17 o’clock. He had brought himself a three-legged museum folding chair and read everything. Unfortunately, he didn’t want an audio guide, which we highly recommend because it offers another dimension, an important narrative and is more detailed in the section „Documentation  Hitlers Bunker“, where it’s about how Hitler killed himself – and where many people start to go to pieces because they’ve already had three or four hours behind them.

Fortunately, young people often take the AudioGuide. Older people know better. When I spoke to the gentleman, there was some grumbling: „There’s a huge quote from the New York Times, but nothing at all from the London Times, and there’s an excellent caricature of the Long Night of the Knives.“ – „Thank you. Please email me the link, here is my card“. So an Englishman, from the country, near London. England didn’t help Poland, we say in the documentation, but finally, he says, England defeated Germany. That’s right. But the alliance obligation at the time of the German invasion of Poland was not kept and from Poland, when the English came, there was not much left. „We were not yet ready for war. – „Yes, that’s how I see it, that’s more like it.“ After all, Auschwitz, could the British (or rather Americans) have bombed? A long discussion, he had read everything really carefully.

But then it came: „You are the only ones who present the German history of this dark time in detail, correctly, clearly and mercilessly. I know all the documentation centres, I know German history very well. That’s a huge credit to you. And not only that: in Europe and in the world there is no representation of one’s own history that is so analytically accurate, honest, comprehensible and well done. Not in England, not in France, not even in Belgium in the restructured museum of the colonial era, especially not in Russia. Even the National Museum of American History at the National Mall in Washington does not shine with this clarity of statement. The documentation is of unique clarity.“