The Guardian about Herschel Grynspan and Armin Fuhrer

Der Guardian über die Recherche von Armin Fuhrer über Herschel Grynspan.
But Fuhrer and Prokisch, the head archivist at Vienna’s Jewish Museum, are convinced the newly-discovered photograph shows Grynszpan. A face recognition test on the photograph, taken on 3 July, 1946 in a camp for displaced persons (DPs) in Bamberg, southern Germany, returned a 95% likelihood – considered the highest possible match.


„… In the picture Grynszpan appears to be taking part in a demonstration of Holocaust survivors protesting British authorities’ refusal to let them emigrate to Palestine. The demonstrators are being guarded by armed US army military police standing on a lorry …


Fuhrer has even toyed with the possibility that Grynszpan, who remains a controversial figure amongst Holocaust survivors, some of whom hold him responsible for stoking the Nazis’ wrath, might still be alive. “It’s not out of the question. He would be 95. He could be living under an assumed name in Israel, or the United States.”