Rückblende – heute angekommen

Rückblende auf Palette

Michael Lange (Autor/Fotograf), Rückblende, Berlin in den 90ern – und heute, Berlin in the 90s and today

In the years after the Fall of the Wall, the centre of East Berlin was a torn city landscape. Old, neglected buildings, empty spaces and fire walls were common sites.

Areas filled with typical GDR prefabricated buildings, wide streets and socialist architecture embodied the GDR’s post-war development.

On some façades, it was possible to see where plaques from before the Fall of the Wall had been removed. Unfinished shells of buildings stood on Friedrichstraße, as though they were paralysed with shock. Leipziger Platz and Potsdamer Platz were vast empty spaces on the former border strip. Many buildings had been abandoned – creating spaces for new opportunities: vacant cellars, shops and factories were suddenly resuscitated and turned into temporary clubs, bars, galleries, studios and project rooms.

It was, however, foreseeable that this would not go on forever

What changed between then and now and what has remained the same, what has been torn down and what has been built, can best be seen by means of direct comparison.

For this reason I have revisited many places in Mitte and at Potsdamer Platz and captured the images once more. Some of it is barely recognisable today …

Michael Lange

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