RRWB — Räterepublik West-Berlin

Set in 1968, a year after the murder of Benno Ohnesorg by police during a demonstration against the Shah of Iran, the book examines what would have happened if West Berlin had been taken over by leftists and turned into a Soviet Republic.  As the promotional blurb for the book makes clear, the republic is led by Rudi Dutschke, Horst Mahler, and Otto Schily and seeks to create a utopian, worker and student-led state. The petrified bourgeoisie flee from the city and hippies take over.

Gavriel D. Rosenfeld in: The Counterfactual History Review, New York

Nach der gelungenen Revolution wird Berlin zur weltweiten Hauptstadt der Drop-Outs, Desperados und Freaks.“ – ZITTY
„Einer der besten Berlin-Comics zu Berlin der letzten Jahre“ – TIP-Berlin