Richard A. Grenell, US Ambassador, visits the documentation „Hitler – how could it happen“ in the Berlin Story Bunker

Richard A. Grenell, Ambassador of the United States of America, today takes a lot of time – three hours – for the documentary „Hitler – how could it happen“. This subject is important to him.  He was well informed about many questions of German history and asked intensively. Grenell was on Gleis 17 a few weeks ago and repeatedly takes a stand on questions of Jewish life on Twitter. Grenell comes together with his partner Matt Lashey to the Berlin Story Bunker. Elio Adler from the Werteinitiative made this visit possible.

Richard A Grenell early this morning on Twitter. It is reminiscent of the Jewish stars, of the exclusion of people, here in the form of a work of art. If you follow the Twitter messages on Grenell’s private account, you’ll learn a lot about his commitment.


Enno Lenze leads through the documentation. The civilian Anhalter Bunker, now the Berlin Story Bunker, is located exactly a thousand metres from the former Führerbunker. The streets can be recognized. Berlin is a desert of ruins at the end of National Socialism.


To promote an awareness of religious freedom and take decisive steps to combat anti-Semitism – Richard A Grenell in the section dealing with how Hitler becomes a Nazi.


Anyone could have known. Grenell in front of the blackboard with the detailed report about Hitler in the New York Times. The American journalist Cyril Brown already reported prophetic clarity on November 21, 1922. He knew exactly what was going on, was well informed down to the last detail, and gave a well-founded, correct assessment of the Nazis. Cyril Brown emphasized Hitler’s abilities as a speaker and organizer, the use of armed SA racket troops modelled on Italian fascists, and brutal anti-Semitism, to which he cites various voices. Brown has the Nazis in his sights and continues to report on the danger.


In front of a blackboard about Reichskristallnacht. Grenell: Respect the inherit dignity of each uniqui individual.


Grenell: „This is an unimaginably impressive documentation – an incredible historical work.“


Grenell recalls that he visited Gleis (track) 17 at Grunewald station on 9 November 2018. 50,000 German Jews were deported from Berlin in the Holocaust – also from Anhalter Bahnhof.


Enno Lenze, Richard A. Grenell, Elio Adler:  The support of US Ambassador Richard Grenell for Jewish life in Germany is a source of encouragement.


Grenell: „I am very happy to see this photo here. We would like to support the church in which Dietrich Bonhoefer preached, this important German pastor and theologian.“


Matt Lashey, Richard A. Grenell, Enno Lenze and Elio Adler in front of the rubble heap of history.


Grenell: „Anyone who has seen this documentation will never forget where racism, nationalism and anti-Semitism end. Very well done. You did a great job. The documentary really answers everything about National Socialism. No question remains unanswered.“


From the guestbook of the Berlin Story Bunker.


Richard Grenell directly after the visit on Twitter.


Richard A. Grenell, Enno Lenze, Matt Lashey, Wieland Giebel

Elio Adler documents the visit on Twitter.