NS-workshop — annotation

J.B writes: Now safely at home at my desk and with a proper keyboard let me add: Firstly – the exhibition was powerful and extremely well structured and I can understand people spending the entire day going through all the displays. That alone qualifies it as a must-see.
Secondly (and in our context more important) – our theme is „competing narratives“ and the way you manage to take a clear stance and still remain true to a fact based discourse is great, because that way simply writing you off as a fluke is impossible, and it provides us with a narrative that essentially wants to achieve the same goal as the „official“ one, but is not bound by „etiquette“. That way you come across in a raw and confronting fashion, which in a good way forces the spectator to think and our students to ponder on how many levels narratives can compete.
Thirdly – I saw neither blinking lights, carrousells nor hordes of drooling neo-nazis. So, keep at it!