New E-Book: Berlin Today


Berlin Today from Joseph Hajdu was first published as a print version in 2010. Time has gone by and the world of publishing is ever-changing. At the very beginning of 2013 we are proud to present Berlin Today as an E-Book. It is a contemporary format for a contemporary story about Berlin Today. You are moving to Berlin or just taking a short visit? Make sure to get a copy for your E-Reader to dig the core of Berlin: The places, people, and issues defining the social, economic and cultural character of the City that attracts so many young people all around the world.

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  1. Colman Murray says:

    Hi Joseph thank you for the book I received it today I am looking forward to reading it. Your email address on the companions list doesn’t seem to work for me. So maybe this will get to you. Thank you…. Colman

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