Massive anti-Semitism in SPIEGEL

Elio Adler (right) and Enno Lenze in the documentation „Hitler – how could it happen“ im Berlin Story Bunker.

According to six (!) journalists in the current issue of SPIEGEL, Dr. Elio Adler has infiltrated the German Bundestag in order to influence it pro-Israeli. Perhaps, according to Der Spiegel, even Mossad helped him. Der Spiegel writes: „A German-Jewish and a pro-Israeli association have established a close network in the Bundestag – with questionable methods.“

Anti-Semitism is not new in Der Spiegel. The journalist Jan Fleischauer even wrote an article „Nazis rein“ in Spiegel some time ago – published online and on paper.

We know Elio Adler well. He is intensively committed to understanding and good cooperation and is a reflected democrat. The six scribblers from Der Spiegel endanger his life.

How could it happen then? By making anti-Semitism more and more widespread, by bourgeois circles, organized by journalists.