How visitors see the Berlin Story Bunker

Sonia Spadafora
I visited Hitler how could it happen. This would be the most moving exhibition I have been to. I went in at 12pm and did not realise I had been there for 5.5 hours. For an in depth look into this History and how easy it is for an ordinary person, with an ordinary life, to become a monster. Also, for the rest of the world to understand complicity and to never allow this again. Highly recommend it but it is confronting, so beware.

Suzi Brent
The Hitler exhibition was fascinating – from a haunting picture of baby Hitler to his last days in the bunker. The insight into the mood in Germany and the actions of Hitler and the Nazi party before the war was particularly interesting. There was so much information here that I spent three hours reading and could have spent longer.

Michael Spähn
A really amazingly detailed collection about the life and work of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi period.
Very soberly frightening pictures about a time of history, for which the Germans today should not feel guilty anymore, but which they have to know, so that something like this never happens again. Absolutely worth seeing.

Mirjam Leupold
Impressive exhibition, worth spending some time there. Be sure to use the audio guide.