„Hitler – how could it happen“ — review at YELP: thoroughly impressed with this museum


  • Yelp-Bewertung, eben. Joe aus Kalifornien besuchte mit seinem Bruder zusammen so ziemlich alle Orte, die mit der Geschichte des Nationalsozialismus zusammenhängen. Er war unglaublich gut informiert und blieb etwa vier Stunden in „Hitler – how could it happen.
  • „I had a great time at the museum and went on to Berchtesgaden afterwards to see the sites there. Keep up the good work and I look forward to coming back to Berlin!“
    • Joe D.
    • Huntington Beach, Vereinigte Staaten


    I was thoroughly impressed with this museum.  Done extremely well and very tastefully.  Everyone should have this experience in order to get the real feeling of what went down and how it did so that it cannot be repeated again.

    Very well worth the time and I highly recommend it!