Gästebuch „Hitler – wie konnte es geschehen“

Aus dem Gästebuch, das am Ende der Dokumentation über den Nationalsozialismus liegt. Die gute Nachricht ist, dass wir keine gekauften Bewertungen brauchen, nicht auf Papier, nicht im Internet.

What visitors are saying – current comments from the guestbook of the documentary „Hitler –how could it happen?“

Keith J
Cardiff, United Kingdom: „If you only visit one museum in Berlin, make it this one.
The exhibition ‘Hitler – How could it happen’ tells Hitler’s story from birth to death. The audio guide leads you from room to room and is a compelling history of the rise of the Nazis and their eventual downfall.

The story is also told in some harrowing pictures and explanations on wall panels in each of the 30+ rooms. It is all extremely well researched and presented in a logical sequence including all of the historical contexts. You could easily be here for hours but it is worth every minute of your time.“

Matt L.
First rate museum of an uncomfortable topic
Amazing museum – exceptionally laid out and full of detailed information. Fantastically helpful staff and the audio guide is great too – and free if you have a flyer. Well worth a visit – even my history hating family seemed to come away having learned something- even if they didn’t want to.

Internet, Garcia: „The staff were friendly (one of the nicest staff I have encountered in Berlin) and the bunker collection was impressive!“

Internet: „It looks as if the façade hasn’t been renovated for a long time“ – From another evaluation of the bunker …

Für einen ehemaligen Mitwettbewerber am Kudamm tauchen bei Google immer wieder Bewertungen auf „Ich war gestern mit meiner Familie da. Es war toll. Kann ich nur empfehlen.“ Die Ausstellung ist allerdings seit vielen Wochen geschlossen. Es hat wohl jemand vergessen, die bezahlten Bewertungen abzubestellen.