Finding Your Feet in Berlin – kommt demnächst

Dies ist ein englischsprachiges Buch für Neu-Berliner. Es erscheint demnächst.

The essential guide for Berlin conquerors
This book tells you what to expect as an expat. Page through it for inspiration. Let it fuel your dreams. Use it as a companion, but don’t assume that it possesses the power to dictate exactly what your experience of moving here will be. Berlin is simply a fascinating and bewildering place—one you’ll find you’re still discovering, even years after moving here.

First things First – Take care of the official stuff, like finding a place to live, learning German, getting around the city, and finding schools, universities, and even work. But what next? For starters, tips on shopping, eating, leisure activities, history, books, and expat resources.

This is your life – Those who come here seeking the sophistication of a world capital may be satisfied or dismayed, depending on where and how they choose to live. Berlin has untold numbers of stories, and yours will be but one of them. Find out how to make the most of it.

About the author Born in New York City, Giulia Pines came to Berlin in 2008 and promptly fell in love with the city. In the past, Pines has written for Fodors, Time Out Berlin, NPR Berlin, Hemispheres, Slow Travel Berlin, Berlin.Unlike, and ExBerliner. She also co-wrote and co-edited Slow Travel Berlin’s 100 Favourite Places.

With photographs by Paul Sullivan.

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