Finding your feet in Berlin- Besprechung bei Amazon

Umschlag_FindingYourFeet_600It is indeed incredibile how accurate and extensive the research is which people who will soon come to Berlin (or are already here) find in this guidebook. Giulia Pines explains everything an expat needs to know if he plans to spend a longer period of time in the Hauptstadt: how to get the paperwork with the authorities done (visa ecc.), strategies to find a decent home, the job market, how and where to learn the German language, leisure activities and the best ways to get along as a student or as a family with kids in Berlin.

The Information in the book does not come as a boring lecture. On the contrary: the tone is very enjoyable and diverting. Ms. Pines has the gift of an excellent narratress. She really takes you by the hand and leads you directly into the fascinating city of Berlin. I can fully recommend her user guide to the German capital.

Thomas Knuth auf Amazon über Finding Your feet in Berlin von Giulia Pines aus dem Berlin Story Verlag.

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