Dokumentation Führerbunker — i24 aus Israel berichtet



Polina Garaev berichtet auf i24 (Israel) ausführlich über die Dokumentation Führerbunker:

Others, however, see no problem in the display. Visitors have a great need to seek out the authentic sites, but that’s no cause for concern, said Adam Kerpel-Fronius of the foundation operating the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe, which stands next to the Führerbunker’s original location.

“The fear used to be that it would become a place of pilgrimage for neo-Nazis, but this hasn’t been the case,” he assured. “Everyone who comes to Berlin interested in its history, knows that there used to be a Führerbunker – and they are all the more surprised that once there, they find only a parking lot.”

Giebel offered his own explanation: “Neo-Nazis simply don’t want to see how Hitler died,” he argued, and the fact that the visit to Hitler’s chamber is an inseparable part of the tour on the horrors of war, helps prevent if from becoming a place of pilgrimage for extremists. The organizers also prohibited taking photos and included almost no Nazi symbols in the exhibit.

“Some people just want to have five minutes of Hitler and that’s it, but we are making visitors see the whole tour, hear the whole story,” noted the curator.