British army on the trail of the Battle of Berlin

Officers of the British Army following in the footsteps of the Battle of Berlin. They spent the first several days in Seelow and studied the breakthrough of the Red Army across the Oder river and Oderbruch.

In Berlin, the crossing over the Landwehrkanal and the fight for the Anhalter Bahnhof is a strategically important event.

What was different at the Battle of Stalingrad than at the Battle of Berlin? House fighting is still an important topic.

Our role here refers to the civilian population, to the people who were able to flee into the bunker. The supply of the people in the war zones and afterwards is a further central topic.

These excursions go back to Moltke. Helmuth von Moltke and his general staff repeatedly analysed battlefields – on site.

I still remember how American officers came to the Berlin Story bookshop Unter den Linden and asked where Moltke’s grave is that they wanted to visit. At that time I didn’t know how much Moltke was respected internationally and that he was buried in the Mausoleum at Gut Kreisau.