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“Excellent – very different from other museums”, 5 of 5 stars Reviewed yesterday NEW

We had by this time been to a lot of museums , but this one was different. In a real WW2 bunker, it gave a real sense of the conditions that people had to endure.

It also showed more graphically the evolution and traumas of Berlin.

Well worth a hour., Visited October 2016


We decided to visit the Berlin Story Bunker as it was included in the BerlinPass and we were greatly impressed. The entire history of Berlin is covered in a well laid-out format within a bunker. We were shocked to discover we spent over 2 hours at the museum. Well worth the time. Somehow we missed the horror chamber, which was alright as we are „seniors“. Don’t let the „amusement“ aspect of this attraction keep you from visiting the „bunker.“


This was a great museum. It told the story of Berlin with some nice displays. These went right back to the Prussians and other early settlements. Later exhibits featured Berlin in the 1920s, the growth of Nazism, post war division, the Berlin Airlift and reunification. The displays were very nicely done. There were artefacts and diaoramas as well as lots of pictures..
Most poignant was a child’s descriptions of life in the bunker in 1945. It was very graphic (including the horror of toileting). This was when the bunker ‚designed ‚ for 3500 people was accommodating 12000 round the clock.  Graffiti on the outside was topical. It stated (in German) „who builts bunkers throws bombs“.