Berlin Museum – Berlin in one hour

Historiale Berlin Museum, Josie OtteThe Historiale BERLIN MUSEUM has recreated some of Berlin’s most infamous historical scenes.

Visitors are lead chronologically through Berlin’s history. Each scene is complimented with a 100 second film as well as exhibition pieces like Schadow’s Prinessinengruppe, a city model and a real Trabi.

Two films, “The making of Berlin” and a film about the Berlin wall round up the experience.

The Historiale BERLIN MUSEUM creates a vivid overview of Berlin’s turbulent history – contemporary, tangible, international.

Das Historiale Berlin Museum ist heute so voll wie an kaum einem anderen Tag in diesem Jahr. Unerklärlich.

AudioGuides DE 34%, EN 31%, FR 5%, ES 6%, IT 3%, NL 3%, DK 6%, RU 3%, TR 0,6%, CN 2,5%

Foto: Josie Otte

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