BBC – fantastic book review „Finding your feet in Berlin“

Renuka Rayasam bespricht im BBC ausführlich das Buch von Giulia Pines:

Umschlag_FindingYourFeet_600Berlin is one of the last cities in the Western world where you don’t have every cent squeezed out of you,” said Giulia Pines, author of Finding Your Feet in Berlin. While moving to the German capital may seem daunting at first — there is certainly a lot of paperwork involved — it should be fun, the native New Yorker said.

There are a few things expats should know before they open a bank account and pick out a school for their kids. The city, once dubbed by its mayor “poor, but sexy,” constantly reinvents itself. Pines described her first year in Berlin as both the most challenging but also the most exciting.

If you’re thinking about making the move, here’s what you need to know …“

Please find Renuka Rayasam’s complete review of „Finding your feet in Berlin“ on BBC …

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