3 hours in the Berlin Bunker and this is a MUST SEE

Our second day saw us start by visiting the Berlin Bunker. This is the one remaining air raid shelter still standing in Berlin and houses a fascinating and informative exhibition about Hitler, his childhood, early adult years and rise to power. It then chronicles how the Nazis slowly but surely enhanced their grip on power, used the emerging media as it was at the time to galvanise the people, and started to plan for the „final solution“. It then greatly details the Second World War, the Nazi’s victories and losses and the Holocaust. This was one the best exhibitions I have ever been too and taught me much I did not know about Hitler’s family, childhood, failing early adult life and the Nazi Party. The exhibition has received international acclaim from all quarters and was designed by Wieland Giebel & Enno Lenze. We spent 3 hours in the Berlin Bunker and this is a MUST SEE for anyone going to Berlin.